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We specialise in connecting brilliant people, with eager audiences - helping subject experts realise their storytelling potential.

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Full / 28th Oct, 2023

Art Breaker

Episode 15 / 12th Feb, 2023

Serially Curious | with Mark and Eav

Episode 16 / 21st Apr, 2022
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Here Media Studio

There are many types of subject matter experts, from avid academics to zealous zoilists.

Here, we work with those with a passion for bringing their audience into their world.

That means we don't work with everyone, but those we do are united across a broad range of disciplines, by an earnest desire to enhance the lives of their listeners.

We help through ideation, development and research - right through to production, distribution and promotion.

We can do this because we've been there, as an indie podcaster jack-of-all-trades, as a trainer at a global enterprise podcast host, and as a project manager at a leading publisher.

But first and foremost, we come from a place of love for audio, and a respect for the power the medium has for connecting storyteller to audience. If you're looking to bring a story to the world, welcome, Here's the right place.

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